How Are We Different

VAC’s proactive approach in terms of scheduled preventive maintenance visits by its engineers, during which the system is inspected and the performance is evaluated to diagnose potential problems before they become expensive emergencies. This not only prolongs the life of the equipment but also helps in protecting the initial investment.

Usage of a custom made Customer Relationship Management (CRM) service software in tandem with constant training of our technical team and usage of tested service components gives us an Edge in achieving customer satisfaction.

CRM applications stops you from wasting huge resources on operational processes and business functions, so that you can focus on selling, serving and increasing returns.

Our CRM philosophy is to attract and retain Loyal Customers and so integrate an intelligent database. Track sales activities and engage in a Fruitful Relationship with them. Our CRM comfortably takes care of each process and a Tangible Management Efficiency is drawn. In short, we Integrate information, cause profitable Interaction resulting in spectacular Impact on revenue.