What Services Do We Offer

Risk Protection Contract

This comprehensive contract includes all labour, spares and consumables, it covers routine preventive maintenance and attending to break downs.

Compressor Excluding Contract

This comprehensive contract, excludes compressor but includes all labour, other spares and consumables, it covers routine preventive maintenance and attending to break downs.

Labour Maintenance Contract

This contract includes labour for only routine preventive maintenance and attending break downs. The spares and consumables are separately charged for.

Operating Contracts

This is a pure labour contract. The operators are stationed for single, double, round the clock or 365 days shift, depending on your needs. They regularly monitor the operating status.


Enhancements may also arise out of replacement of condensing units,upgrading to new energy efficient compressors,refrigerant conversion,replacement of old electromechanical controls with microprocessor based controls etc. So, the customer gets the latest technology and saves on power, without investing in a completely new system.

Air Management Services

Environmentally Sustainable Design concepts also include aspects related to the commercial and residential heating, ventilation and air-conditioning. Among several considerations, one of the topics to attend to is the issue of indoor air quality throughout the design and construction stages of a building's life.

One technique to reduce energy consumption while maintaining adequate air quality, is demand controlled ventilation. Instead of setting throughout at a fixed air replacement rate, carbon dioxide sensors are used to control the rate dynamically, based on the emissions of actual building occupants.

One way of quantitatively ensuring the health of indoor air is by the frequency of effective turnover of interior air by replacement with outside air.

The use of air filters can trap some of the air pollutants. The Department of Energy's Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy section wrote "[Air] Filtration should have a Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV) of 13 as determined by ASHRAE 52.2-1999."

Air filters are used to reduce the amount of dust that reaches the wet coils. Dust can serve as food to grow molds on the wet coils and ducts and can reduce the efficiency of the coils.

System Estimation and Up-grading

Its quite natural in course of time an expansion / up gradation of your office / work space would call for an change in the AC load, which may call for an modification of the Air Distribution system or additional AC equipment to be augmented to maintain the desired inside condition.