Frequently Asked Questions

What Services do VAC offer?

Starting from scratch we offer a consolidated Air-conditioning / Ventilation solutions like Conceptual design, Budgeting, Project Timelines, Working Drawings, Total HVAC Project Estimation, Operating Services, Warranty service, Post Warranty Services, Analysis of existing Air-conditioned spaces for up-gradation, Total HVAC Revamp and Air Management services.

What kind of benefits do VAC Offer on Project completion Timelines?

True to the saying “TIME SAVED IS MONEY EARNED”, VAC has the advantage of a manufacturing setup an ISO 9001 Unit, which uses Computer aided factory made Pre-Fabricated ducting which ensures enormous reduction in Project timelines while maintaining a superior quality and reduction in air leakage. Also VAC’s appropriately stocked Go-down where the raw materials are sourced from direct distributors ensures quality material at the right value is available for our engineers to complete the Project.

Why should I select VAC?

In addition to the project timelines benefits mentioned above, VAC’s Strength lies in its in-house engineering capability. The specially trained energetic team with adequate knowledge, skills and with several years of relevant field experience delivers perfect design, planning and execution combined with the reputed after sales service ensures all VAC equipment operates at peak efficiency offering highest reliability thus ensuring Customer satisfaction at all cost.

What about VAC’s Warranty / Post Warranty Services?

Another distinguishing advantage that our customers have appreciated is our commitment to service and maintenance, VAC’s proactive approach in terms of scheduled preventive maintenance visits by its engineers, during which the system is inspected and the performance evaluated to diagnose potential problems before they become EXPENSIVE EMERGIENCIES. This not only prolongs the life of the equipment but also helps in protecting the initial investment.

Is VAC the right choice?

With its humble beginning at Chennai in 1997 as a contracting company it gradually won the confidence of its clients in the field of HVAC and encouraged VAC in expanding their operations in other south Indian states like Karnataka & Andhra Pradesh. Consolidating their position in the field of contracting, VAC forayed into manufacturing (an ISO 9001) of HVAC accessories like ducting and dampers with a vision of providing quality product at an appropriate value thus raising the bar of excellence in the field of HVAC. VAC also has played a minor role in exposure of quality imported accessories to the HVAC fraternity.